Enhance your brand essence...

Updated: May 21, 2021

If you were to capture it all in a bottle — your sweat, your tears, your story and your soul — the very heart of your business, unique to you and only you.

It is your brand essence.

More than just you...

It is a magic that radiates through your products and every element of your business. It reflects the sparkle of your spirit and personality, making your business just that bit different to your competitors.

Far from being a commodity, your brand essence is emotional and is the essential feeling evoked in your customers when they encounter your brand. Not without intention, it should connect, captivate and convert. Connect your customer with your brand and captivate their attention long enough to convert that attention into a sale.

If we lean in and take a closer look at your brand essence recipe and the elements that make it magic, it is generous in authenticity and a personality unique to you.

Blend the elements of your brand to enhance your brand essence...

But in a landscape surrounded by other creative energies, how do you continue to enhance this very magic?

Step into their shoes...

Within every business — big or small, soulpreneur or co-creat0r — we have touchpoints; different ways in which our [potential] kindred clients or customers engage and interact with our business. Your brand essence is the first touchpoint that most encounter as it is the first impression you give.

It can be an experience online and offline, over the phone or in person. It's impact can be lasting for better or for worse, and can be the difference between a lifetime customer or someone passing by. At any time, our brand essence can overflow if we don't have the recipe right.

But first you need to need to identify where, how and when your kindred client or customer might come into contact with you and your brand before, during and after a sale. Step into their shoes and visualise the ways in which they might engage with you...


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