Show Up + Shine: How to give your stall the 'wow' factor...

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

After growing up behind a market stall long enough with Qui’ Creative (my ma’ma) that span the last 15 years, there’s plenty I’ve picked up along the way when it comes to making your stall shine.

It all comes down to balance, variety and impact with a splash of your brand essence. Easier said than created, right?

From atmosphere and stories to height and intrigue, here are some of my tips for both new stallholders and those who need to reignite the soul in their stall…

Colour + Movement

Choose colours that either reflect or compliment your brand colours and the vibe of your

business e.g. natural + earthy with green hues will be complimented by an organic colour

palette like whites, creams and browns.

Sell it with a story

Set up your products into stories or gather like-for-like products that share a theme. You can still incorporate your brand colours for consistency.

Above all else

It can be difficult to shine in a sea of other stalls, which is why adding a little height to your display can be handy. Displaying your products at different levels will capture the attention of customers nearby encouraging their eyes to wander around your stall and linger just that little longer. Try using props like wooden wine crates, suitcases, hatstands, unusual items that can act like plinths or vases of sticks to hang items. Have a scrounge around your local charity shop (or market) to see what you can pick up for cheap. It may just add that missing element to your stall.

Lift + Lighten

Add dimension and personality to your stall with fresh flowers, lit candles, crystals or plants. It will break up the monotony of products and create intrigue. You can also try using unusual or odd-shaped objects to display products. If you have clothing racks, bring your stall to life and make it inviting with a piece of furniture or unusual prop.


You want to make it easy for your customers to look at or try on products. Think of how you can effectively display your product range without compromising accessibility.


Have a mirror on hand for those who choose to try on your product. Display a lookbook or catalogue that customers can browse, as well as photos from previous customers who have shared their experience.


Make your stall intriguing so customers can see everything but avoid clutter. Although your stall should be full of product, ensure there is balance and that items are clearly visible.

'Accessorise, darling!'

You are the heart and soul of your business, so wear what you make especially if your product is clothing, jewellery or accessories that can be worn. It has more of an impact than you might think.

Sign away...

Whilst your product may be exciting to look at, think of your stall signage. How can you reflect your personality and the vibe of your business? Maybe you want to add a hint of cheekiness, “Let’s play! Try me on!” or “I’d love for you to touch me, but it’s best if we keep our hands to ourselves.” Or “Smell me! I won’t make you sneeze!”.

There are plenty of creative ideas floating about online. But really, it comes down to how you want to show up and shine. Imagine how you would like your stall to look and then work out what you need to make it happen. Just remember, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to make money.

Share with me the ways in which you like to show up and shine with your market or expo stall…

Originally posted on Ultimate Women’s Weekend Expo | July 2018

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