Raw. Sister. Roar.

If you’re scrolling through Instagram today, you may see me pop up in your Insta-feed encouraging you to Evolve Your Etiquette. A somewhat random but meaningful post that was spurred on by three simple words, (well… two if you count the repetition). #RiseSisterRise. Three simple words that have made me reflect on the essence and etiquette of this very phrase.

Though to share such a post, also meant sharing with you my own thoughts and feelings about what I’ve been experiencing lately and why I am encouraging you to evolve your etiquette beyond your keyboard. And own #RawSisterRoar.

I’ve been fairly quiet across my socials these past few months. Most notably because clients and life have kept me busy but more truthfully because I’ve allowed the noise of others to affect me. When you live in a small city where relationships are separated by one degree, not six, it becomes almost impossible to not cross paths with the same circle of people. There is an overlap of overlaps, and it can sometimes feel like you’re drowning especially when you know you have an incredible magic and spark to offer. It becomes impossible to not take note of the rapid rate at which they appear to be rising… Impossible to ignore the creative ideas (that you also had) come to fruition because they had the means to make it happen in their own business (read: money, connections, time [a valuable commodity when you don’t have kids]). It becomes impossible to tune out the self-talk that is starting to question why you took this entrepreneurial leap of faith in the first place.

Because of this intimate nature of [social] networking, the progression of another’s business or achievements can often send us on a detour of self-doubt instead of self-belief. Why isn’t my business growing at the same rate as hers? But I had an idea similar… why didn’t it work for me? Why was she asked to guest speak at an event and not you? The questions are endless, and answering them a useless exercise unless you plan on acting on them.

We are easily swayed by our social feeds to buy into people’s curated success instead of ever really understanding the big picture. Because we are so easily consumed by someone else’s life, we then forget about our own purpose + passion.

To support one another in business and in sisterhood means more than just liking a post on Instagram or sharing a post on Facebook. It means sharing your presence with them physically. Where the means are possible, visit them at their market stall, book into their workshop, accept the invitation to attend a networking breakfast with them, be there in the audience when they guest speak at an event. In the same vein, balance your time and energy with self-care. You would hope that a gesture would be reciprocated in some way, though if you do choose to be there for them, do it with the right intention and not an expectation.

This past week I pledged my support to a friend of mine in Seattle, Kate.K McCarthy and her #ABraverBrand movement. A movement that is about showing up in all your vulnerability and authenticity, ‘sharing brave confessions and bold declarations while birthing big ideas’. It kicks off tomorrow, but I’ve also set a personal challenge for myself. To show up every day braver than I was the day before. To let you into my world with all its quirks and quiet moments. To rise above the [silent] noise, rise to meet whatever is on the horizon. But most significantly, to rise with my sisters and not without them. Even if it means acknowledging that I am right where I need to be in this moment, no faster, no slower. No more successful, but equal at every measure.

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